The 2015 Competition.


Corinna Button      Chicago 
First Place 2014

Voices Productions Art Slam
was founded four years ago by its Board member and Coordinator Sam Mulgrew as a way of actively bringing together artists, competitive live painting and financial support. Teams of professionals and teams of students compete within their own category for 90 minutes .

Art Slam is musically choreographed by Alien Tech DJs giving it an upbeat atmosphere.  It is also a participatory event for the viewers in which we encourage everyone to be a part of the creative energy as the paintings progress, to vote with their dollars on their favorite paintings, and in most cases, to bid on a finished piece.

The pieces will be judged qualitatively, purely on the merits of the artistic value.

Please Visit Voices Productions for more information about the September 12th Opening of STREETS, Vandalism is not Art .